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Rhubarb powder

Dose for adults - 0.5-2 g per reception. Children under 2 years old
- 0.1 g, 3-4 years - 0.15 g, 5-6 years - 0.2 g, 7-9 years - 0.25 g, 10-14 years
- 0.5-1 g. Children under 1 year old are not prescribed.
Rhubarb tablets - contain 0.3-0.5 g of finely ground rhubarb root, doses similar to powders.
Dry rhubarb extract. With water gives a cloudy acidic solution. Dose depending on age from 0.1 to 1-2 g per dose.
Bitter rhubarb tincture. Obtained from rhizome and root powder (80
g), gentian root powder (20 g), calamus root powder (10 g) and 70% alcohol to obtain 1 liter of tincture. Used for intestinal atony, flatulence and to improve digestion, 1 / 2-1 teaspoon 2 times a day before meals.