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Take care of yourself

An important help in the struggle for survival can be turning to yourself, analyzing what is happening to you. After all, after the incident, the risk of getting sick or becoming a victim of an accident increases. According to the results of one study, over a year of hard experiences, the health of 67 percent of widowed women worsens. There is reason to believe that mortality among those who have lost a spouse is higher. Studies in several California medical centers have shown that the immune system of widowed women suffers, which means an increased risk of getting sick.
That's why it is so important to stick to a balanced diet and exercise, even if you didn’t have such a habit before. Studies have shown that exercise not only improves health, but also improves mood.
“I did the exercises for the reason that, left with two children, I was panicky afraid of getting sick,” explains Melissa. Every day I rode a bicycle, at 10 o’clock in the evening I jumped over a rope. I know that it saved me, I rarely get sick. "
She also always remembered the words of her friend, whose husband died in Vietnam, about the need to be very careful, especially when doing work associated with danger, for example, when using the stairs.
“When you lose someone, you find yourself on the verge of death. You stop being prudent, notes Dr. Marion Frank. You need to be careful and think: “Is it reasonable that I do? Because you may have the habit of not taking care of yourself. ”