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Right to insult

“The difference in rights is what determines the possibility of an offense against a woman,” said Dr. Wilson. The victim is usually in a subordinate position with the abuser, as was the case with Jennifer Leidy. Although the boss did not threaten to fire her, already the fact that he was the owner of the company made Jennifer feel in danger. Women employed, as a rule, have a boss. According to one study, 75 percent of women are employed in jobs that put men and women in an unequal position; the man is usually the boss, which creates a fertile ground for sexual harassment.
But it's not just that men usually stand higher on the career ladder. What happens to secretaries can happen to a neurosurgeon. Even if a man is not a boss, in our society it is customary to be considered, simply because of gender, as having more rights than a woman. “In service assignments, men are looked at as more competent, responsible, and productive employees, students Donna M. Stringer, Ph.D., Ellen Remick, Ph.D., Jane Salisbury and Angela B. Ginorio, Ph.D., write on the pages of“ Public Personnel Management. A woman, even if she is in a leadership position in an organization, will be less trusted than a man, she will be treated as having less power, because she was harassed and she could not put an end to the harassment. ”
Since a man who has achieved some success in his career may consider himself to have more rights than any woman, none of the women is safe. In 1991, a female neurosurgeon from the medical faculty of Stanford University refused to be a professor, because for a number of years her colleagues called her “sweetheart” in the operating room and grabbed her knees under the operating table.
“One of the deans of this faculty was harassed by a senior official who could affect the retention of the position,” says Dr. Wilson. Once she took upon herself the duties of a hostess at a reception hosted on the occasion of a visit by a group of persons on whom approval in office depended. After everyone left, he refused to leave her hotel room. She was in a state of shock: “I didn’t think something like that could happen to me. I had a lot of power at the university, and then I realized that if I didn’t sleep with him, he would not approve us. ” So it happens on any level. ”
Women who traditionally hold male positions, such as women employed in construction, police women and firefighters, are particularly at risk. Jacqueline L. Morris worked at a bottle manufacturing plant in Pevely, Missouri. In 1987, she became the head of a unit in which 12 men worked. Evaluation of her work has always been the highest. However, she had to leave this job because her superiors and colleagues made her life completely unbearable. Some allowed themselves to make rude remarks about her figure, and one morning, when she came to work, she found a photo with a penis in an erection state on her locker with tools. She filed a lawsuit in court and won $ 16,000 against lost wages with interest.