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Medication Description: Fercovenum (Fercovenum)

FERCOVEN (Fercovenum).

The preparation of iron for intravenous administration. It contains iron saharat, cobalt gluconate and a solution of carbohydrates. The iron content in 1 ml is about 0.02 g, cobalt - 0.00009 g.

Transparent liquid of reddish-brown color, sweetish taste; pH 11, 0 - 12, 0.

Used in the treatment of hypochromic anemias of various etiologies, especially with poor tolerance and insufficient absorption of iron preparations, taken orally, as well as in cases when it is necessary to quickly eliminate the iron deficiency in the body. The presence of cobalt in the preparation enhances erythropoiesis (see Coamide).

Enter into a vein once a day, every day for 10 to 15 days: the first 2 injections, 2 ml each, then 5 ml. Enter slowly (within 8 - 10 min). The solution should not fall under the skin.

Iron deficiency in the body and the amount of the drug per course of treatment can be calculated by the formula: iron deficiency in milligrams is: [patient weight (kg) x 2, 5] x {16, 5 - [1, 3 x hemoglobin in the patient's blood (g / 100 ml)]}.

In addition to the quantities obtained in the calculation, the drug should not be administered.

To maintain the effect achieved by the introduction of ferkovene, iron orally is further used.

At the first injections into the vein of fercoven and in case of overdose of the drug, side effects are possible: flushing of the face, neck, chest tightness, lower back pain. Side effects are usually removed when an analgesic and 0.5 ml of a 0.1% atropine solution are injected under the skin.

Apply only in the hospital.

Contraindicated in hemochromatosis, liver disease, coronary insufficiency, hypertension II and III stages.

Product: in 5 ml ampoules.

Storage: at a temperature not higher than + 25 'C.