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Description of the medicine: Ferrum Lek (Ferrum Lek)

FERRUM Lek (Ferrum Lek) *.

Synonym: Iron (III) -hydroxide polymaltose complex, Ferric (III) -hydroxide polymaltose complex

Iron preparation for intramuscular and intravenous injection.

The drug for intramuscular injection contains in 1 ampoule (2 ml) 0.1 g of tribasic iron in the form of a complex with maltose; the preparation for intravenous injection contains in 1 ampoule (5 ml) 0.1 g of iron sugar.

Indications and contraindications for use are the same as for fercoven.

Calculation of the need for the drug is based on the determination of iron deficiency and its reserves in the body (see Ferkoven).

Intramuscularly administered every other day. The maximum daily dose for adults is 4 ml (2 ampoules), for children weighing up to 5 kg - 0.5 ml (1/4 ampoules), 5 - 10 kg - 1 ml (1/2 ampoules).

Usually, adults are administered intravenously on the 1st day 2, 5 ml (1/2 ampoules), on the 2nd day - 5 ml (1 ampoule), on the 3rd - 10 ml (2 ampoules), then 2 times a week 2 ampoules (10 ml).

Intravenously, the drug must be administered slowly (not more than 1 ml per minute). The contents of the ampoule are diluted with isotonic sodium chloride solution to 10 ml. Do not allow the solution to enter the subcutaneous fat.

Do not use an intravenous drug for intramuscular injection.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

It is made in Yugoslavia.