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Description of the drug: Polyethylene oxide-400 30% solution (Solutio Polyaethylenoxydi-400 30%)

POLYETHELENOXIDE-400 SOLUTION 30% (Solutio Polyaethylenoxydi-400 30%).

Colorless transparent liquid with a faint characteristic odor.

Due to the high osmotic activity has a dehydrating effect. When ingestion causes the outflow of fluid from the tissues into the intestinal tract. When applied topically on the wound surface accelerates the cleansing and healing of wounds. Taking the drug inside with glaucoma may help reduce intraocular pressure.

The solution of polyethylene oxide is prescribed in the first phase of the wound process, with purulent wounds, acute attacks of primary angle-closure glaucoma, attacks of secondary glaucoma, in preparation for surgery on the eyeball.

Apply the drug topically or orally. For the treatment of purulent wounds, use a 30% aqueous solution, which is impregnated with sterile gauze wipes and loosely tampon the wound. Dressings are done daily until the wound is completely cleansed.

Inside the polyethylene oxide is used 1 time per day in a dose of 100-150 ml of freshly prepared solution obtained by diluting the contents of the vial with boiled water in the ratio of 1: 1, preferably with the addition of fruit juice.

The drug should be taken on an empty stomach.

The course of treatment is 3-5 days.

With the introduction of the drug inside may increase diuresis and mild laxative effect.

The use of polyethylene oxide is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding from internal organs, pregnancy.

Product: in glass bottles for blood products and blood substitutes with a capacity of 100; 250 and 500 ml, sealed with rubber stoppers with aluminum caps.

Storage: in tightly closed bottles in a dark place.