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Description of the medicine: Liniment Aloes (Linimentum Aloes)

LINIMO ALOE (Linimentum Aloes).

Ingredients: aloe tree juice (canned, from biostimulated leaves) 78 parts, castor oil 10.1 parts, emulsifier N 1 10.1 parts, eucalyptus oil 0.1 parts, sorbic acid 0.2 parts, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose 1, 5 parts.

Homogeneous dense mass of white or light cream color with a characteristic odor.

Applied externally for burns and for the prevention and treatment of skin lesions during radiation therapy.

Liniment is applied in a thin layer on the affected surface 2-3 times a day and covered with a gauze cloth.

Release form: in bottles of orange glass on 30 - 50 g.

Storage: in a dark place at a temperature of no higher than + 10 'C. Freezing is not allowed.