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Medication Description: Humisol (Humisolum)

Humisol (Humisolum). 0.01% solution of fractions of humic acids of the Haapsalu sea mud in an isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

Transparent or slightly opalescent with a barely noticeable suspension liquid with a yellowish tint, odorless, salty taste, neutral reaction.

Possesses the properties of biogenic stimulants. The therapeutic effect is close to the effect obtained by applying mud.

Applied with chronic and subacute radiculitis, plexitis, neuralgia, rheumatoid arthritis in an inactive form, infectious non-specific polyarthritis, arthrosis, chronic diseases of the middle ear and paranasal sinuses, chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis and other diseases. There is evidence of the effectiveness of the drug in vibration disease.

Apply humisol intramuscularly or by electrophoresis. Intramuscularly administered, starting with 1 ml, daily in the first 2 - 3 days; with good tolerability, continue the introduction of 2 ml once a day for 20 to 30 days. The course of treatment can be repeated after 3 - 6 months.

When periodontal disease is administered intramuscularly (1-2 ml per day) and in the transitional fold of the oral mucosa (1-2 ml). The course of treatment 30 injections.

Electrophoresis is used when local signs of the disease are pronounced or when the drug is poorly tolerated by intramuscular injection. For electrophoresis, a layer of filter paper moistened with humisol is moistened with electrode pads moistened with warm water. Enter the drug from both poles. From 4 to 20 ml of humisol are used for the procedure. The current density is 0.05 - 0.1 mA / cm 2, the current strength is 2 - 20 mA (by sensation). The duration of the first 2 - 3 procedures is 10 minutes, then 20 - 30 minutes. Procedures are carried out daily or every other day. The course of treatment is 8 to 20 procedures. With periodontal disease, the cathode electrode is placed on the gums, the anode electrode is placed on the interscapular area or forearm. The course of treatment is 15 - 20 procedures every other day.

Humisol is contraindicated in acute febrile diseases, decompensated heart defects, severe coronary heart disease, severe forms of atherosclerosis, active forms of tuberculosis, severe liver and kidney diseases, tumors, severe forms of thyrotoxicosis, psychosis.

Product: in ampoules of 2 and 10 ml.

Storage: protected from light.