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Medication Description: Rumalonum

RUMALON (Rumalonum) *.

A preparation containing an extract from the cartilage of young animals and an extract of bone marrow.

Applied with diseases of the joints, accompanied by degenerative changes in cartilage tissue (arthrosis, spondylosis, etc.).

Injected intramuscularly deeply: on the first day 0.3 ml, after 2 days 0.5 ml, then 1 ml 3 times a week. The course of treatment 5 - 6 weeks. The effect (decrease in pain, improvement in mobility) is usually observed 2–3 weeks after the start of treatment. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

In inflammatory diseases of the joints (rheumatoid arthritis) rumalon should not be used; there is information about the possibility of exacerbation and weighting of the disease.

Product: in 1 ml ampoules.