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Medication Description: Vitreous Body (Corpus vitreum)

GLASS BODY (Corpus vitreum).

Drug from a vitreous body of an eye of cattle.

Colorless or yellowish transparent, slightly opalescent liquid with fine crystalline and tissue suspensions (found on special viewing in the light of a reflector lamp).

Used for softening and resorption of scar tissue, with burns, postoperative and other origin of extensive scars, contractures of joints, and also as an anesthetic for neuralgia, phantom pains, radiculitis. It has a stimulating effect on the formation of callus.

Enter 2 ml under the skin daily. The duration of treatment for neuralgia for 8 - 10 days, for contractures and scars up to 25 days.

There is evidence of the effectiveness of subconjunctival injections (0.3 0.5 ml) for keratitis, ulcers and burns of the cornea in the regressive period and for other eye lesions.

Contraindicated in infectious diseases, inflammatory processes, general exhaustion, nephritis, cirrhosis of the liver, heart failure with edema, malignant tumors.

Product: in 2 ml ampoules.

Storage: at room temperature.