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Medication Description: Keracolum

KERAKOL (Keracolum).

The preparation of dried, crushed cornea of ​​cattle.

Amorphous powder of white or slightly yellowish color. Adding an isotonic solution of sodium chloride leads to the formation of a gel.

Used in adults to stimulate the regeneration of ulcers, keratitis, burns and traumatic defects of the cornea. The drug accelerates the regeneration of the epithelium and stroma of the cornea, contributes to its enlightenment.

Apply in the form of powder on the affected surface of the cornea and conjunctiva (after clearing of necrotic masses and mucus).

Single dose of 0.005 g (5 mg). Apply 1 time per day for 7 to 10 days. If necessary, combined with antibacterial and antiviral drugs.

Ceracol is usually well tolerated; individual intolerance is possible.

Form release: powder in glass bottles of 0.025 g.

Storage: in a dry, dark place at a temperature not higher than + 20 'C.