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Description of the medicine: Apilac (Apilacum)

APILAC (Apilacum).

Dry matter of native royal jelly (secretion of allotrophic glands of working bees).

It is proposed for use in infants and young children with hypotrophy and anorexia, and in adults with hypotension, malnutrition, convalescents, neurotic disorders, impaired lactation in the postpartum period, seborrhea of ​​the skin.

Premature and newborn babies are prescribed at 0.0025 g (2.5 mg), and for children older than 1 month - at 0.005 g (5 mg) in the form of suppositories 3 times a day. The course of treatment is 7-15 days.

Adults are prescribed sublingually in the form of tablets of 0.01 g (1 tablet) 3 times a day for 10 to 15 days.

With seborrhea, facial skin is applied to the skin 2-10 g of ointment with apilak 1 time per day (directly or under a bandage); with other skin lesions 1-2 times a day.

With increased individual sensitivity to the drug, sleep disturbances can be observed, which requires a dose reduction or drug withdrawal.

Apilak is contraindicated in Addison's disease and idiosyncrasy to the drug.

Method of release: a) lyophilized apilac (Apilacum lyophilisatum) a crumbly mass or porous cream-yellow tiles; used for the preparation of dosage forms; b) apilak powder (Pulvis Apilaci) consists of 7 parts of apilak lyophilized and 93 parts of milk sugar; c) Apilak tablets (Tabulettae Arilaci) contain 0.01 g (10 mg) of apilak for use under the tongue; g) apilak suppositories (Suppositoria "Apilacum") contain 0.005 or 0.01 g of apilak lyophilized in a package of 5 candles); d) 3% apilak ointment (in tubes of 50 g), as well as creams with 0.6% apilak; used for seborrhea of ​​facial skin, diaper rash, skin itching, etc.

Storage: in a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than + 20 C; candles - at a temperature of + 12 to + 15 'C.

Rp.: Tab. Arilaci 0.01 N. 25

DS 1 tablet 3 times a day sublingually

Rp .: Supp. Arilacum 0.005 N. 12

DS 1 candle in the rectum 3 times a day (child)

For use in ophthalmic practice, as a wound healing and antibacterial agent for traumatic keratitis and injuries of the cornea of ​​the eye, ophthalmic medicinal films have been developed (Мembranulae ophthalmicae cum Apilaсo). The polymer plates are oval in yellow or brownish-yellow color (9 mm long, 4.5 mm wide, 0.35 mm thick).

The film is placed in the lower conjunctival arch 1-3 times a day for 7-10 days.

As with other eye films, a foreign body sensation in the eye is possible. In case of development of edema and redness of the eye, the film is removed.

The use of films with apilak is contraindicated in cases of allergic reactions to beekeeping products.

Release form: on 10 films in planimetric packing (on 3 packings in a pack).

Storage: in a dry, dark place.