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Description of the medicine: Vilosenum (Vilosenum)

VILOSEN (Vilosenum).

Lyophilized thymus gland bovine extract dialysate.

Contains compounds of nucleotide and nucleoside nature, amino acids, oligopeptides, amines, inorganic salts.

Amorphous powder or porous mass from white to light brown in color with a characteristic odor. Soluble in water.

It has immunomodulatory activity, stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of T-lymphocytes, inhibits the development of immediate hypersensitivity.

Unlike thymalin, taktivin and thymoptin, vilosen is used topically in the form of nasal instillations or intranasal inhalations for allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract (pollinosis, allergic rhinosinusitis).

Assign to adults and older children. Immediately before use, 2 ml of boiled water or isotonic sodium chloride solution is added to the ampoule with vilosen. 5 to 7 drops are instilled into each nostril 5 times a day or intranasal inhalation is done.

The course of treatment is 14 to 20 days.

If necessary, treatment courses are repeated.

Treatment should be started at the first sign of a disease or prophylactically (before the onset of clinical symptoms).

There is evidence of the use of vilosen in patients with bronchial asthma. It is injected into the nasal passages at 0.02 g (20 mg) per day for 14 to 20 days. Contraindicated in bacterial infection and severe bronchial obstructive syndrome.

When applying vilosen, the appearance in the first days of a passing headache, an increase in nasal congestion, are possible.

In case of individual intolerance, the drug is canceled.

Release form: on 0,02 g of substance in ampoules in a package of 10 ampoules.

Storage: List B. In the dark place at a temperature of no higher than + 20 * C.