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Medication Description: Levamisol (Levamisolum)

LEVAMIZOL (Levamisolum). (-) 2, 3, 5, 6-Tetrahydro-6-phenylimidazo [2, 1-b] -thiazole hydrochloride.

White amorphous or crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water.

Synonyms: Adiafor, Ascaridil, Casydrol, Decaris, Ergamisol, Ketrax, Levasole, Levoripercol, Levotetramisol, Nilbutan, Sitrax, Tenisol, etc.

Initially, this drug was proposed as an antihelminthic, as it is very effective in the fight against ascaris (see Antihelminthic). The therapeutic effect is also observed with necatoriasis, strongyloidosis, partly with ankylostomidosis. Assign with worms once before bedtime: adults at a dose of 150 mg, children, 2, 5 mg per 1 kg of body weight. If necessary, repeat the treatment after 1 week. Dieting is not required.

The mechanism of the anthelmintic action is based on the specific inhibition of succinate dehydrogenase, in connection with which the most important for nematodes, the fumarate recovery reaction is blocked and the flow of helminth bioenergetic processes is disturbed.

When studying the anthelmintic action of levamisole, it was found that it increases the overall resistance of the body and can be used as a means for immunotherapy. Experiments on isolated cells and observation of healthy and sick people have shown that the drug is able to restore the altered functions of T-lymphocytes and phagocytes and, due to its timomimetic effect, can regulate the cellular mechanisms of the immunological system. More detailed studies have demonstrated that levamisole, by selectively stimulating the regulatory function of T-lymphocytes, can function as an immunomodulator that can enhance the weak response of cellular immunity, weaken the strong one and not act on the normal one.

In connection with these properties, levamisole has been proposed for the treatment of various diseases, in the pathogenesis of which they give importance to immunogenesis disorders: primary and secondary immunodeficiency states, autoimmune diseases, chronic and recurrent infections, tumors, etc.

The most studied effect of levamisole in rheumatoid arthritis. The drug belongs to the basic means, acts with prolonged use; the effect develops slowly (starting from about the 3rd month). Assign the drug inside the daily dose of 150 mg daily (sometimes given in intermittent courses for 3 consecutive days a week).

The therapeutic effect was also observed in patients with chronic nonspecific lung diseases who received 150 mg of levamisole every other day or 100 mg per day. Pronounced clinical results and positive changes in immunological parameters were observed in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis and pyelonephritis who took levamisole 150 mg 3 times a week.