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Medication Description: Sodium Thiosulfate (Natrii thiosulfas)

SODIUM THYOSULPHATE (Natrii thiosulfas) (See also Magnesium sulfate).

Synonyms: Sodium hyposulfite, Natrium hyposulfurosum, Natrium thiosulfuricum.

Colorless transparent crystals without odor, salty-bitter in taste. Very easily soluble in water (1: 1), practically insoluble in alcohol. At a temperature of about + 50 'C melts in water of crystallization.

The aqueous solution (30%, pH 7, 8-8, 4) is sterilized at a temperature of + 100 ° C for 30 minutes (20 g of sodium bicarbonate is added to 1 l of solution).

Sodium thiosulfate has anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory and desensitizing effects.

As an anti-toxic agent, it is used in cases of poisoning with arsenic, mercury, lead compounds (non-toxic sulfites are formed), hydrocyanic acid and its salts (less poisonous rhodan compounds are formed), iodine and bromine salts.

Injected intravenously in 5 - 10 ml of 30% solution, with lesions cyanide compounds - 50 ml of 30% solution. Inside appoint 2 - 3 g per reception in the form of a 10% solution in water or in an isotonic solution of sodium chloride.

It is also prescribed intravenously and orally for allergic diseases, arthritis, and neuralgia.

Externally used to treat patients with scabies (see also Benzyl benzoate) according to the Demianovich method, based on the ability of sodium thiosulfate to decompose in an acidic medium, highlighting sulfur and sulfur dioxide, which have anti-parasitic action. A 60% solution of sodium thiosulfate is rubbed into the skin (2–3 minutes successively in the left and right upper extremities, trunk, left and right lower extremities, for a total of 10–15 minutes). After the end of rubbing, take a break for a few minutes until the skin dries out and crystals appear on it. Then, a second cycle of rubbing is performed in the same sequence. After the skin dries, rub a 6% solution of hydrochloric acid, pouring it on the palm, 3-4 times in the same order for 10–15 minutes with interruptions until the solution dries on the skin after each rubbing. Washing is allowed after 3 days.

Method of issuance: powder; 30% solution in ampoules of 5; 10 and 50 ml.

R p .: Natrii thiosulfatis 10.0

Aq. destill. 100 ml

M.SD Inside 1 - 2 tablespoons in 5 - 10 min

R p. Sol. Natrii thiosulfatis 30% 5 ml

DtdN 6 in ampull.

S. 5 ml per vein.