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Description of the medicine: Beroxan (Beroxanum)

BEROKSAN (Beroxanum).

A preparation containing a mixture of two furocoumarins - xanthotoxin and bergapten isolated from the fruits of the plant parsnip sativa (Pastinaca sativa L.), fam. umbrella, celery - Umbelliferae or Ariaceae.

Chemically, xanthotoxin is 8-methoxy-6, 7-furocoumarin or 8-methoxypsoralen, and bergapten is 5-methoxy-6, 7-furocoumarin.

Odorless crystalline powder, white with a yellowish tint. It is practically insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in chloroform.

Xanthotoxin is produced abroad under the names: Puwalen, Ammoidin, Meladinine, Meloxine, Methoxsalen, Methoxypsoralen, Methoxysalen, Metoxin, Oxsoralen, Puvalen, Xanthioxin, etc.

The use of beroxan in medical practice is based on the property of various furocoumarins (xanthotoxin, etc.) to sensitize the skin to the action of light and stimulate the formation of endogenous skin pigment (tryptophan derivative) melanin by melanocytes when irradiated with ultraviolet rays. Other drugs containing furocoumarins also have this property. When used in conjunction with ultraviolet radiation, these drugs can help restore skin pigmentation in vitiligo. With depigmentation of the skin (leukoderma) associated with the destruction of melanocytes, the effect is not observed. In some cases, furocoumarins are effective for alopecia areata (circular).

A very effective method of treating a number of skin diseases: psoriasis, fungal mycosis, vitiligo, etc. - is photochemotherapy. With this method, photosensitizing drugs are combined with exposure to long-wave ultraviolet rays (320 - 390 nm). Various furocoumarins (beroxan, psoralen, etc.) are used as a photosensitizer, the most effective of them is 8-methoxy psoralen (8-MOS), that is, xanthotoxin sold abroad under the name "Puvalen".

When applying the method of photochemotherapy (PUVA therapy), 8-MOS is prescribed orally only on the day of exposure 2 hours before the session. The dose of the drug depends on the body weight of the patient; from 2 to 4 tablets (15 mg each) with a body weight of 50 to 90 kg.

Beroxan (due to its content of only part of xanthotoxin) is inferior to 8-MOS in photochemotherapy by the method of applying long-wave UV rays.

There is evidence of the effectiveness of photochemotherapy with a combination of long-wave UV radiation, with external use of furocoumarins; solutions of 8-MOS, beroxin (0.5%) or psoralen (0.1%) are applied to the lesions.

Beroxan is prescribed for vitiligo and alopecia areata inside in the form of tablets and externally in the form of a rubbing solution.

Inside appoint 0.02 g (1 tablet) per reception; take in the morning from 1 to 4 times (depending on individual sensitivity and season of the year) 1 tablet for 4 - 3 - 2 and 1 hour before irradiation. The course consists of 4 to 6 cycles with breaks between them 15 to 20 days. The total dose for the course of treatment is 250 to 300 tablets for adults. For children over 5 years of age, the dose is reduced by 1/3 - 1/2 depending on age.