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Medication Description: Radoterum

RADOTER (Radoterum).

Tablets are white or white with a slightly yellowish-greenish tinge, containing 0.1 g of teturam.

They are a special dosage form of teturam intended for the treatment of patients with chronic alcoholism. With intramuscular implantation, they remain in the body for a long time and the teturame contained in them has a long-lasting effect.

Usually the drug is implanted (intramuscularly) at a dose of 1 g. Implantation is performed in accordance with special instructions in the hospital.

Possible side effects and contraindications are the same as for teturam.

Due to the fact that during the use of Radoter tablets, teturam remains in the body for a long time, in order to avoid dangerous reactions, it is necessary to strictly refrain from taking any alcoholic beverages.

Form release: tablets of 0.1 g in vials of 10 pieces.

Storage: List B. In the dark spot.

A similar foreign drug is available under the name "Esperal" (Esperal).