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Description of the medicine: Aminalon (Aminalonum)

AMINALON (Aminalonum). g - Aminobutyric acid.

Synonyms: Gammalon, Ganevrin, Apogamma, Encefalon, GABA, Gaballon, Gamarex, Gammalon, Gammaneuron, Gammar, Gammasol, Mielogen, Mielomade, etc.

White crystalline powder with a slightly bitter taste and a faint specific odor. Easily soluble in water, very slightly soluble in alcohol; The pH of a 5% aqueous solution is 6, 5 - 7, 5. g - Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is a nutrient. Contained in the central nervous system and takes part in neurotransmitter and metabolic processes in the brain.

It has been established that GABA is the main mediator participating in the processes of central inhibition.

Under the influence of GABA, the energy processes of the brain are also activated, the respiratory activity of tissues increases, the utilization of glucose by the brain improves, and the blood supply improves.

The action of GABA in the central nervous system is carried out by its interaction with specific GABAergic receptors, which have recently been divided into GABA-A and GABA-B receptors, etc. The mechanism of action of a number of central neurotropic substances (hypnotics, anticonvulsants, convulsions, etc.) their agonistic or antagonistic interaction with GABA receptors plays a significant role. A close relationship was established between GABAergic and benzodiazepine receptors. Benzodiazepines potentiate the effect of GABA.

The presence of GABA in the central nervous system was discovered in the mid-50s, and its synthesis was soon carried out. In the late 60s under the name << Gammalon >> GABA was proposed for use as a medicine abroad, then - under the name << Aminalon >> - in our country.

According to experimental data, when introduced into the body, GABA poorly penetrates the blood-brain barrier. However, when applying GABA for therapeutic purposes in the presence of cerebral pathology, it was found that it improves the dynamics of nervous processes in the brain, thinking, memory, and has a mild psychostimulating effect.

As a medicine, aminalon has found application mainly in geriatric practice and in the treatment of children with mental retardation. By the nature of the therapeutic effect, the drug is approaching nootropic drugs. Its effect develops slowly; a relatively long course of its application is required. Despite the emergence of new nootropic drugs, which in some cases give a more pronounced effect (piracetam, etc.), aminalon has not lost its therapeutic value.

Aminalon is used for vascular diseases of the brain (atherosclerosis, hypertension), for chronic cerebrovascular insufficiency with impaired memory, attention, speech, dizziness and headache, for dynamic disorders of cerebral circulation, as well as after stroke and brain injuries in order to increase motor and mental patient activity.