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Description of the medicine: Norsulfazol-sodium (Norsulfazolum-natrium)

NORSULFAZOL-SODIUM (Norsulfazolum-natrium).

Sodium salt of norsulfazole.

Synonyms: Norsulfazole soluble, Norsulfazolum solubile, Sulfathiazolum natricum, Sulfathiazolum sodium.

Lamellar shiny crystals, colorless or with a slightly yellowish tinge. Easily soluble in water (1: 2). Aqueous solutions have an alkaline reaction (pH 5 - 10% solution of 8, 5 - 10.5); sterilized at + 100 C for 30 minutes

The drug has the same chemotherapeutic activity as norsulfazole. Solubility in water allows you to use it not only inside, but also parenterally, and in the form of eye drops.

Indications for use are the same as for norsulfazole. Intravenously administered in cases where the possibility of introducing norsulfazole into the stomach (for example, after surgery on the gastrointestinal tract, with vomiting and unconsciousness of the patient) is excluded, and if it is necessary to quickly create a high concentration of the drug in the blood. As soon as the patient's condition allows, they switch to taking the drug inside.

A 5% or 10% solution is injected into a vein; appoint from the calculation of 0.5 - 1, 0 - 2, 0 g per infusion (10 - 20 ml of 5% or 10% solution; pour slowly).

It is advisable to additionally dilute solutions of norsulfazole soluble in 5% glucose solution or in an isotonic sodium chloride solution. When using concentrated solutions, the possibility of phlebitis should be considered. Subcutaneously and intramuscularly, solutions are not prescribed, since they can cause tissue irritation up to necrosis.

Also used in the form of eye drops (10% solution, 2 drops 3-4 times a day) for conjunctivitis, blepharitis and other infectious diseases of the eyes. It can be taken orally.

Higher doses for adults inside: single 2 g, daily 7 g.

Release form: powder.

Storage: List B. In containers that protect from the action of light and moisture.

Rp .: Sol. Norsulfazoli-natrii 5% 20 ml Sterilisetur!

DS For intravenous injection of 10 ml 1 - 2 times a day

Rp .: Sol. Norsulfazoli-natrii 10% 10 ml

DS Eye drops; 2 drops 4 times a day

Ingalipt (Inhalyptum). A combined preparation in an azrozole package containing soluble streptocide and soluble norsulfazole 0.75 g each; thymol, eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil of 0.015 g each, ethyl alcohol 95% 1, 8 g, sugar 1, 5 g, glycerol 2, 1 g, tween -80 0.9 g and water up to 30 ml.

Transparent liquid from light yellow to dark yellow, sweet in taste, located in a cylinder with a valve (continuous operation) under the pressure of compressed gas (nitrogen). When the valve is pressed, a dispersed jet with a characteristic smell of thymol and menthol is formed.

Assign as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent for tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, aphthous and ulcerative stomatitis.

Before use, the safety cap is removed from the bottle and the attached spray gun is put on the valve stem. The free end of the nebulizer is introduced into the mouth and pressed on the head for 1 to 2 seconds. Before irrigation, rinse your mouth with warm boiled water; it is recommended to carefully remove the necrotic deposit from the affected areas of the oral cavity (ulcers, erosion) with a sterile swab.