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Medication Description: Sulfaton (Sulfatonum)

SULFATON (Sulfatonum).

The combined preparation, containing, like the baktrim, two active substances - sulfanamide preparation sulfamonethoxin and a derivative of diaminopyrimidine - trimethoprim.

Available in tablets with a content of sulfamonomethoxin 0.25 g and trimethoprim 0.1 g. Tablets are white or white with a slightly yellowish tinge.

The higher antibacterial activity of sulfamonomethoxin compared with sulfamethoxazole makes it possible to use sulfamonmethoxin in sulfate in a lower dose than sulfamethoxazole in baktrim.

The mechanism of action of sulfate similar to baktrimom. It is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent; in some cases, more effective than baktrim.

Apply sulfate in acute and chronic bacterial infections, for the treatment of severe and moderate diseases; prescribed for adults and children with acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia (including abscess and lobar), lung abscess, pleural empyema, local purulent infection of various localization, generalized forms of purulent infection (including sepsis), external and otitis media, sinusitis , tonsillitis, pyelonephritis, cystitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, dysentery and bacterial enterocolitis, erysipelas, meningococcal infection, gonorrhea, for the prevention of purulent complications after surgery.

Is taken in the form of tablets inside, regardless of the time of the meal.

In the treatment of infections of the ear, throat, nose, upper respiratory tract, bronchopulmonary apparatus, urinary and urinary tract infections, local purulent infection, dysentery, bacterial enterocolitis, dysbacteriosis, and for the prevention of infections after surgical interventions, sulfatone is prescribed to adults on the 1st day of treatment. 2 tablets (each at 0.35 g) at the reception in the morning and evening (loading dose), in the following days - 1 tablet in the morning and evening (maintenance dose). The course of treatment is 5-14 days.

Patients with severe forms of purulent infection (lung abscess, pleural empyema), including those accompanied by generalization of the process (sepsis, purulent-resorptive fever), with meningococcal infection, secondary bacterial meningitis, the drug is prescribed in the 1st day to 4 tablets in the morning and in the evening (loading dose), and in the following days - 2 tablets per reception in the morning and evening (maintenance dose). The course of treatment is 7-14 days.

With good tolerability, treatment of patients with severe forms of infection can be extended to 3 weeks.

According to the indications, sulfate can be prescribed together with broad-spectrum antibiotics.