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Description of the medicine: Chinosolum (Chinosolum)

CHINOSOL (Chinosolum). 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate.

Synonyms: Chinoxyzol, Cryptonol, Idril, Mycantine, Octofen, Oxichinolini sulfas, Oxyleine, Oxyquinol, Oxyquinolini sulfas, Salquinate, Soloxin, Sulfoquinol, Sunoxol, Superol, etc.

Fine-crystalline powder of lemon yellow color, a peculiar smell. Easily soluble in water (1: 1, 3), little in alcohol.

It has antiseptic and spermatocidal properties; relatively little toxic does not have a local irritant effect, is not inactivated by tissue proteins.

Used in a dilution of 1: 1000 - 1: 2000 for disinfection of hands, washing wounds, ulcers, douching, as well as in the form of powders (1 - 2%) and ointments (5 - 10%).

It is part of the drug kombutek-2.

It is not suitable for processing surgical instruments, as it interacts with metals.

Storage: in well-closed containers.

Rp .: Chinosoli 0.2

Aq. destill. 200 ml

MDS Wash Washing

Rp .: Sol. Chinosoli 5% 100 ml

DS For 2 tablespoons per cup of water (for douching).