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Medication Description: Lifusol (Lifusolum)

Lifusol (Lifusolum).

The drug in an aerosol package containing furatsilin (0.004 or 0.008 g), linetol (see) (0.140 or 0.297 g), a resin of special composition, acetone and a mixture of freon-11 and freon-12.

Liquid (volatile) with a characteristic smell of acetone, which forms an elastic yellowish film when the solvent evaporates.

The film, due to the presence of furatsilina has an antimicrobial effect; In addition, it protects the wound surface from contamination and remains on the skin for 6 to 8 days. It can be removed with alcohol, ether, chloroform, acetone.

It is used to protect not only operational wounds, postoperative skin sutures from infection (instead of stickers and dressings), but also the skin from maceration during fistulas, as well as to protect and treat small skin wounds and seal the canals at the exit sites of catheters, drains, etc.

There is evidence of the use of Lifusol for the prevention of inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue in the navel (omphalitis) and umbilical sepsis in newborns.

To apply the film, press the spray head of the cylinder for 1 - 2 s three times (after 15 - 20 s to dry the film). Spray from a distance of 10 - 15 cm.

If necessary, the skin is first cleaned with cotton wool moistened with ether. Wounds can be pre-treated with antiseptics. In this case, the wound must be dried before applying the film.

Lifusol should not be used to cover extensive skin lesions, bleeding and weeping wounds, as well as in severe inflammatory events. Do not allow the drug in the eyes.

When applying the film may be short-term pain. In rare cases, dermatitis may develop (in these cases, the film is removed).

Form release: in aluminum aerosol cans of 94 or 200 ml each equipped with a spray valve.

Storage: at room temperature away (at least 2 m) from existing heating devices; protect from moisture and direct sunlight.