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Description medications: salyuzid soluble (Saluzidum solubile)

Salyuzid INSTANT (Saluzidum solubile). Diethylammonium salt of 2-carboxy-3, 4-dimetoksibenzal izonikotinoilgidrazona monohydrate.

White with weak yellowish white crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water, it is difficult - in alcohol.

Water 5% solution (pH 6, O - 7, 0) - yellow with a greenish tinge transparent liquid; sterilized at + 100 C for 30 min.

Assign injection in caseous lymph nodes, for washing sinus tracts of various localization, introduction of genito-urinary tract, in the cervix and vagina vaults, with tubercular purulent serozity (for washing the cavities), at a tuberculosis of the upper respiratory tract, eye disease tuberculosis. For special indications, the solution can be administered into the spinal canal.

The preparation may be used as a subcutaneous, intramuscular or intravenous general chemotherapy for tuberculosis of different localization.

In the cavity 5% solution is administered in an amount that depends on the localization process. Intramuscularly and subcutaneously injected 10 ml of 5% solution (0.5 g per injection); the daily dose can be increased up to 2 In the vein injected slowly (1 ml for 1 minute) to 10 ml of a 5% solution for injection.

The drug is indicated for tuberculosis bronchi; 5% solution is administered as an aerosol for 3 - 4 ml intratracheally and 2 - 3 ml intrabronhialno.

Tuberculous meningitis, salyuzid soluble (5% solution) is sometimes introduced into the spinal canal in a dose of 1, 5 - 2, 0 mg / kg (patients weighing 60 kg administered 90 - 120 mg, or 1, 8 - 2, 4 mL). With good tolerance dose for injection can be increased to 2 to 5 mg / kg. Injections are made daily or every other day depending on the patient and disease phase.

Salyuzid soluble recommended to be combined with other anti-TB drugs.

Method of issuance: powder; 5% solution in ampoules of 1; 2 and 10 ml.

Storage: List B. In sealed ampoules in the dark place at a temperature below 0 C.

Reveal the vials immediately before injection.

Store solution in open dishes is not recommended in order to avoid precipitation.