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Description medications: Predion injection (Predionum pro injectionibus)

Prediona FOR INJECTION (Predionum pro injectionibus). 5 -? - Pregnane-21-ol-3-dione, 20 monosuccinate 2l-sodium salt.

Synonyms: viadril, Hydroxydioni Natrii succinas, Hydroxydione Sodium succinate , Pregnocin-natrium, Presuren, Viadril.

White or white with a yellowish tinge porous mass or powder. Soluble in water. The solutions are alkaline (pH 8, 5.9, 5).

On chemical structure similar to predion steroid hormones, but does not have hormonal properties, and has a hypnotic and narcotic effect.

Apply for intravenous induction, the base, as well as for self-mononarkoza. For introductory predionovomu anesthesia resort when barbiturates are contraindicated. Application prediona for basic anesthesia (in combination with ether, nitrous oxide, halothane) reduces the amount of plant and equipment for anesthesia required for anesthesia. The drug potentiates the effect of muscle relaxants, which makes it possible to reduce the dose.

Prediona narcotic effect after a single intravenous injection usually lasts (30 -40) min.

prediona Injectable solutions are prepared immediately before use. The solvents used 5% glucose solution, isotonic sodium chloride solution, 0.25% novocaine solution or sterile water for injection.

Predion used in solutions of different concentrations (from 0.5% to 5%), usually used 2, 5 - 5% solution.

The initial dose for induction is 10 - 12 mg / kg, and for the base and self-anesthesia 15 - 20 mg / kg. The total dose varies depending on the type of anesthesia, the body weight of the patient, and from 0.5 to 3, 5 g or more, if necessary. Inject the solution into the vein of a large caliber (usually the elbow) through a needle with a large skylight. The rate of administration - 1 g per 3 - 5 min. Enter the drug in the lower extremity veins and small veins is not recommended, as this is more frequent irritation of the vascular wall. The introduction of the drug into the skin is not allowed.

Action prediona usually occurs after 3-5 minutes. after administration. Drip of 0.5 - 1% solution causes surface anesthesia in 15 - 20 minutes. Continuation drip can be kept superficial anesthesia.

Predion well relaxes the muscles, has no significant effect on respiration and the cardiovascular system. In connection with Just noticeable influence on carbohydrate metabolism can be used in diabetes.

The main complication when using prediona is irritation of the internal walls of the veins, accompanied by pain in the course of the vessel at the time of administration; further possible sealing veins and phlebitis development. To prevent this complication when applying prediona recommended as a solvent use of glucose solutions, sodium chloride and Novocaine; moreover, before the introduction prediona enter into the vein of 0.25 - 0.5% novocaine solution, and after introducing prediona (without removing the needle from the vein) "wash out" vein indicated solvents (10 - 20 ml).