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Description of the medicine: Ethambutolum (Ethambutolum)

ETHAMBUTOL (Ethambutolum). (+) - N, N-Ethylene-bis- (2-aminobutan-1-ol), or (+) - N, N-bis [1- (oxymethyl) propyl] ethylenediimine dihydrochloride.

Synonyms: Diambutol, Miambutol, Afimocil, Ambutol, Anvital, Batacox, Cidanbutol, Clobutol, Dadibutol, Dexambutol, Diambutol, Ebutol, Etambin, Ethambutol, Farmabutol, Li-Butol, Miambutol, Myambutol Tol, Mybutol Tembol, Myambutol Tembol

White crystalline powder. Easily soluble in water.

It has a pronounced tuberculostatic effect, does not affect other pathogenic microorganisms. It inhibits the multiplication of mycobacteria resistant to streptomycin, isoniazid, PASK, ethionamide, kanamycin. It is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract; excreted mainly in urine.

Used in the treatment of various forms of tuberculosis in combination with other anti-TB drugs. There is evidence of the high efficacy of ethambutol in combination with rifampicin in patients with chronic destructive pulmonary tuberculosis (ethambutol 25 mg / kg per day; rifampicin 0.45 - 0.6 g once daily).

Ethambutol is taken orally once after breakfast. The optimal daily intake for adults is 25 mg / kg in 1 dose. This dose should be taken, without reducing, throughout the course of therapy (in recent years, ethambutol is prescribed in higher doses - 30-40 mg / kg by the intermittent method - every other day or 2 times a week). Children are prescribed at the rate of 20 - 25 mg / kg per day, but not more than 1 g.

The drug can be taken 2-3 times a week at a dose of 50 mg / kg (for adults).

When taking ethambutol, cough may increase, sputum may increase, dyspeptic symptoms, paresthesia, dizziness, depression, skin rash, visual acuity (decrease in central or peripheral visual field, formation of cattle) may appear. These phenomena usually disappear after discontinuation of the drug (after 2-8 weeks).

In the process of treatment, systematic monitoring of visual acuity, refraction, color perception and other indicators of the condition of the eye is necessary.

Contraindications: inflammation of the optic nerve, cataracts, inflammatory diseases of the eye, diabetic retinopathy, pregnancy.

Method of release: tablets of 0.1; 0.2 and 0.4 g in a package of 100 pieces.

Storage: List B.

Combunex (Combunex) *. The combined drug. Tablets containing 800 mg (0.8 g) of ethambutol and 300 mg (0.3 g) of isoniazid.

Available in India.