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Description of the medicine: Osarsolum (Osarsolum)

OSARSOL (Osarsolum). 3-Acetamino-4-hydroxyphenyl arsenic acid.

Synonyms: Acetarsolum, Acetarson, Acetphenarsin, Amarsan, Arsaphen, Devegan, Dynarson, Kharophen, Kubarsol, Limarsol, Nilacid, Orarsan, Orvarsan, Pallicid, Spirocid, Stovarsol, Vagival.

White crystalline powder odorless. Very little soluble in water and alcohol, soluble in a solution of sodium bicarbonate and in solutions of caustic alkalis and ammonia. Contains about 27% arsenic.

Osarsol is a trichomonacid and amoebicidal agent. It is also effective in the treatment of syphilis.

Previously, wasarsol was used for the treatment of syphilis by oral administration in the form of tablets and was prescribed mainly with poor tolerability of injections of novarsenol and miarsenol. Recently, sirossol tablets have been excluded from the nomenclature of medicines.

Apply isosol sometimes as an anti-trichomonadal agent (see Metronizadol). In the treatment of trichomoniasis colpitis, a mixture of isarsol and boric acid is introduced into the vagina at 0.25 g. The powder is evenly distributed over the walls of the vagina. Then the gynecological mirror is removed and the urethra is lubricated with 1% solutions of silver nitrate. The procedure is carried out once a week. Additionally, once a week, this mixture of wasarsol with boric acid is introduced into the vagina. When trichomonads are detected in the rectum, candles containing 0.25-0.3 g of wasarsol and boric acid are prescribed; Injected 1 time per day after defecation for 10 days.

For the treatment of trichomonatal colpitis, vaginal suppositories containing 0.25 g of wasarsol, 0.3 g of boric acid, glucose and streptocides (suppositories <Osarcid>) or 0.25 g of wasarsol and 0.3 g of boric acid And glucose (suppositories <Osarbon>).

With amoebic dysentery (during remission), sapsols are sometimes prescribed to adults in the form of 0.25 g tablets 3 times a day (before meals) for 3 days, then make a four-day break after which the treatment cycle can be repeated.

Higher doses inside for adults: single 0.25 g, daily 1 g.

Complications in the treatment with isalsol may be the same as in the treatment with myrosenol.

Contraindications see Miarsenol.

Form release: powder; Tablets of 0.25 g.

Storage: List A. In well-ukuporennyh banks of orange glass.