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Description of the medicine: Chinofungin (Chinofungin)

CHINOFUNGIN (Chinofungin).

A powder containing the antifungal drug tolnaftat (Tolnaftat) 2-naphthyl-N-methyl-N- (3-tolyl) thiocarbamate.

White fine powder with the smell of lavender (the powder contains aerosil fillers, lavender oil, etc.).

It is used for superficial mycoses caused by dermatomycetes, interdigital erosion, etc. It is ineffective for onychomycosis.

Powder coated 2 times a day with the affected surface of the skin, previously washed with warm water and dried. In case of foot mycosis, it is also recommended to cover with powder shoes and socks.

When using powders, a slight irritating effect is possible. With severe erosion is not recommended.

Release form: in packing on 50 g.