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Description of the medicine: Ditrazine citrate (Ditrazini citras)

DITRAZIN CITRATE (Ditrazini citras). 1-Methyl-4-diethylcarbamoylpiperazine citrate.

Synonyms: Loxuran, Banocide, Carbamazine, Carbilazine, Caricid, Citrazan, Decazine, Diaethylcarbamazini citras, Ditrazinum citricum, Filabran, Hetrazan, Notezine, Supatonin, Unicarbazan, etc.

White crystalline powder. Very soluble in water, difficult to alcohol.

Ditrazine is primarily used in the treatment of filariasis (vuchereriosis, brugiosis, onchocerciasis, acanthehelenematosis). It also works with ascariasis, but is less effective than piperazine and its salts, and more toxic.

Assign with filariasis inside, at the rate of 2 mg / kg 3 times a day for 10 days. The daily dose should not exceed 0.4 g. Depending on tolerability and effectiveness, 3 to 5 courses are carried out (with an interval of 10 to 12 days). Efficiency is determined by the disappearance in the blood of microfilariae and clinical manifestations of the disease (skin rash, hypereosinophilia, etc.).

When using the drug, side effects relatively often occur: skin itching, the appearance or intensification of skin rashes, less often coughing, eosinophilic infiltrates, lymphadenopathy, sometimes an increase in the size of the liver and spleen, etc. With onchocerciasis, inflammation in the eyes may aggravate (clouding of the vitreous body, weakening or loss of vision). Therefore, the drug for onchocerciasis, accompanied by damage to the ocular environments, is contraindicated.

With pronounced side effects, the drug is temporarily discontinued, desensitizing therapy is carried out.

Steroid preparations should not be prescribed simultaneously with ditrazine, since inhibition of lymphoid tissue can increase the activity of parasites.

Method of release: powder, tablets of 0.05 and 0.1 g in a package of 30 and 50 pieces.

Storage: List B. In a well-sealed container.