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Description of the drug: Hydrogen peroxide solution is concentrated (Solutio Hydrogeniiperoxydi concentrata)

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE CONCENTRATED SOLUTION (Solutio Hydrogeniiperoxydi concentrata).

Synonyms: Perhydrol, Hyperol, Lapyrol, Ortizon, Perhydrolum.

Transparent colorless odorless liquid or with a slight peculiar smell, slightly acid reaction. Slowly decomposes when interacting with alkalis and organic substances, releasing oxygen. Contains 27, 5 31% hydrogen peroxide H 2 O 2.

Used as a solution for rinsing and lubrication in inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes (stomatitis, sore throat), for the treatment of purulent wounds, etc. If necessary, appoint a stronger concentration than the official solution of hydrogen peroxide. In dermatological practice is used as a depigmenting agent.

Storage: List B. In flasks with ground glass stoppers in a cool, dark place.

R p .: Organic hydroli 5, 0

Aq. destill. 15 ml

MDS For lubricating gums (for ulcerative stomatitis)

R p .: Organic hydroli 10.0

Aq. destill. 40 ml

M.DS 1 teaspoon per glass of water (for rinsing)

Rp .: Perhydroli


Vaselini aa 5, 0

Mf ung.