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Description of the medicine: Solution of hydrogen peroxide (Solutio Hydrogenii peroxidi diluta)

SOLUTION OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (Solutio Hydrogenii peroxidi diluta).

Transparent colorless liquid without odor or with a weak odor, weakly acid reaction. Rapidly decomposes under the influence of light; When heated, in contact with alkali, oxidizing and reducing substances, releasing oxygen.

The content of hydrogen peroxide is about 3%.

Apply a solution of hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant and deodorizing agent for rinsing and rinsing with stomatitis, angina, gynecological diseases, etc.

If "Solutio Hydrogenii peroxidi" is prescribed in the prescription without specifying the concentration, Solutio Nudrogeneii rroxidi diluta is released (contains 2, 7 - 3, 3% H 2 O 2). If a solution of a different concentration (not 3%) is prescribed, then it is prepared from a solution of hydrogen peroxide (perhydrol) or from a solution of hydrogen peroxide (official) by dilution with water, taking into account the actual content of hydrogen peroxide in the initial preparation.

Product: in bottles with ground glass stoppers.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.

RR: Sol. Ndrogenii reroxidi dilutae 50 ml