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Description of the medicine: Potassium permanganate (Kalii permanganas)


Synonyms: Potassium permanganate, Kalium hypermanganicum.

Dark or red-violet crystals or fine powder with a metallic sheen. Soluble in water (1:18 in cold and 1: 3, 5 in boiling); forms a solution of dark purple color. When interacting with organic (coal, sugar, tannin) and easily oxidized substances, an explosion can occur. It is a strong oxidizing agent.

It is used as an antiseptic agent externally in aqueous solutions for washing wounds (0.1 - 0.5%), for rinsing the mouth and throat (0.01 0.1%), for lubricating ulcerative and burn surfaces (2 - 5%) , for douching and washing in gynecological and urological practice (0.02 - 0.1%).

Solutions (0.02 - 0.1%) are also used for gastric lavage in case of poisoning caused by ingestion of morphine, aconitine and other alkaloids, as well as phosphorus.

In case of poisoning with cocaine, atropine, barbiturates, it is ineffective. Hydrocyanic acid oxidation under the influence of potassium permanganate occurs only in an alkaline environment.

Storage: in well-sealed jars or in sealed cans and in small packaging (for individual use).

Rp .: Sol. Kalii permanganatis 0.1% 500 ml

DS Wash Washing

Rp .: Sol. Kalii permanganatis 1% 20 ml