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Description of the medicine: Benzoic acid (Acidum benzoicum)

BENZOIC ACID (Acidum benzoicum).

(Benzoic acid derivative - benzonaphthol (naphthyl ester of benzoic acid), used as an antiseptic for gastrointestinal diseases, is excluded from the nomenclature of drugs as ineffective).

Colorless needles or white fine crystalline powder. It is slightly soluble in water (1: 400), soluble in boiling water (1:25), in alcohol (1:25), fatty oils.

External applied as an antimicrobial and fungicidal agent. When ingestion increases the secretion of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. As an expectorant, the sodium salt of benzoic acid is used (see Sodium Benzoate).

Storage: in a well ukuporennoy container.

Rp .: Ac. Benzoici 0.6

Ac. Salicylici 0.3

Vaselini 10.0

Mf ung.