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Medication Description: Formaldehyde Solution (Solutio Formaldehydi)

FORMALDEHYDE SOLUTION (Solutio Formaldehydi).

A solution containing 36, 5 - 37, 5% formaldehyde.

Synonyms: Formalin, Formalinum.

Transparent colorless liquid with a peculiar pungent odor, miscible with water and alcohol in all ratios.

Used as a disinfectant and deodorizing agent for washing hands, washing the skin of the feet with excessive sweating (0.5 - 1% solution), for disinfecting instruments (0.5% solution), for douching (1: 2000 - 1: 3000).

Included in the lysoform (see).

Storage: in well-closed bottles, in a dark place at a temperature not lower than +9 C.

Rp .: Sol. Formaldehydi 50 ml

DS 1/2 tsp per 2 glasses of water (for washing the skin of the feet)

Formidron (Formidronum). Liquid containing formaldehyde solution 10 parts, ethyl alcohol 95% 39, 5 parts, water 50 parts, cologne 0.5 parts.

Apply to wipe the skin with excessive sweating.

Product: in bottles of 50 and 100 ml.

Formalin ointment (Unguentum Formalini). Ingredients: boric acid 5 g, salicylic acid 2 g, formalin 15 g, glycerin 14 g, polyethylene oxide 62, 5 g, odorants 1, 5 g

Ointment of white color with a faint odor of formalin and fragrance.

Apply with increased sweating. A small amount of ointment is rubbed once a day in the armpits, interdigital folds.

Ointment should not be applied to the face to avoid irritation.

In inflammatory conditions of the skin ointment is contraindicated.

Product form: 50 and 100 g in tubes.