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Description of the medicine: Green soap (Sapo viridis)

SOAP GREEN. Potash soap (Sapo viridis).

Obtained by saponification of vegetable oils with a solution of potassium hydroxide. A brownish or greenish mass with a faint soapy odor. Easily soluble in water (1: 4 in cold and 1: 6 in hot) and alcohol (1: 4). Solutions have an alkaline reaction.

They are used to cleanse the skin and for the preparation of soap alcohol and soap-carbolic solution used as disinfectants (see Phenol). It is part of Wilkinson ointment.

Soap green, like other soaps obtained by alkaline hydrolysis of fats, refers to anionic soaps (anionic detergents).

Currently, cationic detergents are widely used as disinfectants and detergents (see Degmicide, Decamethoxin, Zerigel, etc.).