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Description of the medicine: Podophyllinum (Podophyllinum)

PODOFILLIN (Podophyllinum).

Synonym: Neorondex, Neorondexum

A mixture of natural compounds obtained from rhizomes with the roots of the thyroid podophyllum (Podophyllum peltatum L.), fam. barberry (Berberidaceae).

Contains podophyllotoxin (at least 40%), a - and b-peltatins.

An amorphous powder or mass from tan to yellow-green in color with a specific odor.

Extracts from the roots of podophyllum have long been used in folk medicine as laxatives, emetics and anthelmintic drugs. It was further established that they have cytostatic activity and block mitosis at the metaphase stage, resembling colchicine in action.

As an antitumor agent, podophyllin has been used in the treatment of papillomas - laryngeal papillomatosis and bladder papillomas.

There is also evidence of the use of podophyllin in the treatment of lymphangiomas.

With laryngeal papillomatosis in children, the papilloma is first removed surgically, and then once every 2 days, sections of the mucous membrane are lubricated at the site of removal with a 15% alcohol solution of podophyllin. The course of treatment is 14 16 lubrications. In children under 1 year of age, the drug should be used with caution. In adults, the larynx is lubricated with a 30% alcohol solution of podophyllin 10 times, then the papillomas are removed and re-lubricated 20 times. In the absence of an inflammatory reaction, lubricate daily, in the presence of an inflammatory reaction - 1 time in 2 to 3 days.

A suspension of podophyllin is injected into the bladder with small typical and atypical papillary fibroepitheliomas. In combination with electrocoagulation, podophyllin is used to prevent relapse. A 1%, 4%, 8% or 12% suspension of podophyllin in liquid paraffin in an amount of 100 ml for 30 to 40 minutes or for 1 to 2 hours with a week break is injected into the bladder through a catheter. After the infusion, the patient should lie on one side for some time, then on the other side.

When using podophyllin, there is a burning sensation in the bladder, which disappears after the drug is withdrawn.

If, when lubricating the larynx, nausea, vomiting, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract appear, further use of the drug is stopped.

Release form: powder on 100 or 200 g in cans of orange glass.

Storage: List A. In a dry, dark place at room temperature.


When working with the drug (preparation of solutions, suspensions, etc.), in order to avoid its getting on the conjunctiva, you should work with glasses.

Semi-synthetic glycosides etoposide (Etoposide) and teniposide (Teniposide), effective for some types of tumors, were obtained abroad based on the active substance of podophyllin - podophyllotoxin. Etoposide has found practical use as an antitumor agent. Teniposide is under further study.