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Medication Description: Flutamide (Flutamide)

Flutamide (Flutamide). 4'-Nitro-3'-trifluoromethyl-isobutyramide. Synonyms: Flucin, Flucin, Cebatrol, Drogenil, Euflex, Eulexin, Flucinom, Fugerel, Fulforel, Hibitron, Norex, etc.

The drug blocks the binding of androgens (dihydrotestosterone) by cellular receptors and prevents the manifestation of the biological effects of androgens in androgen-sensitive organs, including prostate tumor cells.

Flutamide (nifolid) is used mainly for the palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer.

Assign inwards in the form of tablets (0.25 g), 1 tablet 3 times a day. The drug is ingested rapidly absorbed. The half-life is 5 - 6 hours. It is mainly excreted by the kidneys as metabolites.

The treatment is carried out for a long time (depending on the course of the disease).

The drug is usually well tolerated. With prolonged use may develop gynecomastia, pain in the mammary glands. In some cases, there may be a slight increase in the concentration of methemoglobin, which is transient in nature.

In the course of treatment, it is necessary to periodically examine the function of the liver. Caution must be exercised in the appointment of the drug to persons suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The drug is also used for the differential diagnosis of hypogonadism in men. For this purpose, appoint 10 mg / kg per day in 3 doses for 3 days with the study of the excretion of gonadotropins.

The use of flutamide is contraindicated in severe diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland.

Form release: pills (light yellow) 0.25 g.

Storage: at room temperature.

Nilutamide is a nonsteroid antiandrogen similar in structure and action to niftolide. (Nilutamide; synonym for Anandron - Anndron) - 5, 5-dimethyl-3- [4-nitro-3- (trifluoromethyl) phenyl] -2, 4-imidazolidinedione.