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Description of the medicine: Propyliodonum (Propyliodonum)

PROPILYODON (Propyliodonum). n-Propyl ester-3, 5-diiodo-4-pyridone-N-acetic acid.

Synonyms: Dionosil, Propyliodone, Propylix.

White crystalline powder. Insoluble in water, ether, caustic alkalis and acids, it is hardly soluble in alcohol. Contains 28, 4%, iodine.

X-ray contrast agent for the study of the bronchi, as well as the fallopian tubes, urethra, fistulous passages.

Apply in the form of 50% aqueous and 60% oily suspensions. Suspensions are prepared immediately before use, carefully mixing the contents of the two bottles in which the drug is produced (in one 10 g of propyl iodone, in the other 15 g of the basis for the preparation of the suspension). The resulting suspension is heated to body temperature.

When examining the bronchi, 10-15-20 g of suspension is injected into the bronchi through a special catheter (after local anesthesia of the mucous membrane of the trachea or under conditions of general anesthesia). After the end of the study, the suspension from the bronchi is aspirated. The rest of the suspension is subsequently excreted by coughing, a small amount of the absorbed drug is excreted by the kidneys.

The use of suspensions of propyl iodone usually does not cause side effects; allergic reactions and the phenomena of iodism, as a rule, are not observed. Possible increase in body temperature (by 0.5 - 2 C), lasting 1-2 days. If necessary, antibiotics are used.

The drug is contraindicated, like other drugs used for bronchography, in the general serious condition of the patient, with decompensation of cardiac activity, aneurysm of the thoracic aorta, diffuse emphysema, in acute, severe inflammatory processes in the lungs.

Release form: in bottles of dark glass on 10 g complete with a basis for a suspension of 15 ml in a bottle.

Storage: in a cool, dark place at room temperature.