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Description of the medicine: Articaine (Articaine)

ARTICAIN (Articaine).

4-methyl-3- [2- (propylamino) propionamido] -2-thiophenecarboxylic acid methyl ester.

Synonyms: Alfacaine, Brilocaine, Septanest, Ubistesin forte, Ultracaine, Alphacaine, Ultracaine.

Crystalline powder, white or creamy white. Soluble in water and alcohol.

It has a quick and relatively long (1-3 hours) local anesthetic effect.

With intramuscular injection, C max is 20-4 min, T Ѕ - 40 min; undergoes biotransformation in the liver, excreted by the kidneys.

Applied with infiltration, conduction, spinal and lumbar anesthesia.

Ultracaine is used mainly in general surgical practice, alfacaine N and SP, brilocaine in general surgical and dental, and ultracaine D-C and D-C forte, septanest with adrenaline - in the dental.

In dentistry, it is used for operations on the mucous membrane or bone, on the pulp of a tooth, for tooth extraction, percutaneous osteosynthesis, cystectomy, and mucogingival operations.

For infiltration anesthesia use 1% solution of articaine (5-20 ml) with and without adrenaline (1: 200 000), for conduction blockade and epidural anesthesia - 1-2% solution (0.4-0.6 g) and for spinal - 5% solution (0.1-0.15 g) based on 10% glucose solution.

The maximum single dose of 0.4 and 0.6 g, respectively, without and with the addition of adrenaline.

When using articaine, side effects are possible: headache, blurred eyes, diplopia, muscle twitching; in rare cases - impaired consciousness. Allergic reactions are also likely - edema and redness of the skin at the injection site, angioedema, etc.

The drug is contraindicated in bronchial asthma, arrhythmias, angle-closure glaucoma.

Method of release: 1% and 2% solutions for injection in ampoules of 5 and 20 ml (Ultracain); injection solution containing articaine 0.04 g (40 mg) and adrenaline bitartrate 1: 200 000 (Alfacaine N) or 1: 100 000 (Alfacaine SP) - in 1.8 ml cartridges (cartridges); injection solution containing articaine 0.06 g (60 mg) and adrenaline 1: 100 000 and 1: 200 000, in 1.8 ml cartridges (Septanest with adrenaline); injection solution containing 1.04 ml of articaine 0.04 g and adrenaline 0.006 mg (Ultracain D-C) or 0.012 mg (Ultracain D-C forte) in 1.7 ml cartridges.