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Description of the medicine: Maalox (Maalox)

MAALOX (Maalox).

Combined preparation in the form of tablets containing 0.4 g of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, or a suspension containing in 100 ml of 3.49 g of aluminum hydroxide and 3.99 g of magnesium hydroxide.

According to the indications for use, it is close to Almagel and other similar combined antacid preparations.

There are indications that maaloks are more effective than Almagel and last longer.

Assign the drug through 1S-2 h after meals and at night, as well as when there is pain in the stomach. Tablets take 1-2 pcs. (Chew or hold in the mouth until complete resorption), a suspension of 15 ml (1 tablespoon or packet). Suspension in the vial before use is shaken, the contents of the package are kneaded with fingers and after opening, squeezed into the mouth or spoon. Course of treatment 3-4 weeks.

Forms of release: tablets (N. 40); Suspension for oral administration in vials of 250 ml and sachets of 15 ml (N. 30).

Maalox plus - tablets containing 0.2 or 0.35 g of aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide and 0.025 or 0.03 g of simethicone (see), and a suspension containing 5 ml, respectively, 0.5; 0.45 and 0.04 g of the above preparations.

Indications, administration and dosage are the same as in maalox (see).

A new antacid drug Magadrate (Magaldrate) in composition and action is similar to maalox.

Analogous maalox in composition, but with a different ratio of components, the preparations are also produced under the names "Almafil", "Almol", "Almag", "Alprogel", "Alumag", "Anatsid", "Bartel drags alamag", "Bartel dragsz prolante" , "Gastratsid", "Kobalg 60", "Lactamyl", "Our choice is a liquid antacid", "Rivolux", "Cherry namagel".

Preparations corresponding to the composition of maalox plus, are produced under the names "Almakon", "Alugel forte", "Liquid Antacid" York ".