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Description of the medicine: Renny (Renni)

RENNIE (Renni).

Tablets containing calcium carbonate 0.68 g (680 mg) and magnesium carbonate 0.08 g (80 mg).


It is used to relieve heartburn and other symptoms associated with increased acidity of gastric juice. The effect occurs quickly and lasts up to 1-1Ѕ hours. Take (after eating) 1-2 tablets (chew and hold in the mouth until completely absorbed), if necessary, take the tablets every 2 hours (up to 16 tablets per day).

The drug is contraindicated in severe renal impairment, hypercalcemia and myasthenia gravis.

Under the name “Tams” and “Andrews Antacid” tablets are produced with a slightly different content of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate - 0.6 and 0.125 g, respectively.