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Medication Description: Simaldrate

SIMALDRAT (Simaldrate).

Tris [Metasilicate] dioxodialuminate magnesium (1: 2) hydrate.

Synonyms: Gelusil, Gelusil, Gelusil.

It has an adsorbent, enveloping, antacid and cytoprotective effect. The antacid effect is manifested 7-30 minutes after administration and lasts 2-4 hours.

Assign with gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis, dyspepsia, etc.

Is taken orally (1-2 hours after a meal) in 2 teaspoons of suspension, 1 tablet (chewing) or 1 sachet of powder (soluble in cup of water) 3-6 times a day.

Possible side effects: constipation, flatulence, allergic reactions.

Contraindicated in severe renal failure.

Reduces the absorption of tetracyclines, iron preparations, anaprilina (propranolol).

Method of production: tablets of 0.5 g (N. 10, 40); powder for oral administration in bags of 6.5 g; 17.2% suspension in 12 ml bags (N. 20).