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Description medications: Diazoxide (Diazoxide)

Diazoxide (Diazoxide).


Synonym: Giperstat, Hyperstat.

On chemical structure has similarities with thiazide diuretics (see. Hydrochlorothiazide), but does not have a diuretic effect, and has anti-hypertensive activity, and expanding arterioles reduces peripheral vascular resistance.

Considered as one of the major peripheral vasodilators. The mechanism of action is poorly understood.

It is used intravenously to rapidly reduce blood pressure in malignant hypertension associated with kidney disease, and hypertensive crises. Hypertensive effect develops within 1 min after administration, reaching a peak after 2-5 minutes and lasts for up to 2-12 hours.

The dose for adults and adolescents is 1-3 mg / kg (150 mg). If necessary, administered repeatedly (5-15 min) to achieve the desired effect. Further, if necessary administered at intervals of 4-24 hours. Usually administered for 4-5 days, gradually moving on antihypertensive drugs inside.

Children also administered at 3.1 mg / kg (or the rate of 30-90 mg per 1 m 2 of body surface).

In the application of diazoxide may experience a delay of sodium in the body with the development of edema, hyperglycemia, thirst, drowsiness, tachycardia.

The drug should not be injected under the skin and intramuscularly because of the irritation of tissues.

Product: 1.5% solution for injection in vials of 20 ml (0.3 g).

Storage: at a temperature no higher than +10 ° C, protected from light. Avoid freezing.