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Description of the medicine: Omnopon (Omnoponum)

Omnoponum (Omnoponum).

A mixture of opium alkaloids hydrochlorides; contains 48 - 50% morphine and 32 - 35% of other alkaloids.

Powder from cream to brownish yellow. Soluble in water (1:15), hardly soluble in alcohol (1:50). The aqueous solution foams when agitated.

A similar drug is produced abroad under the names: Dormopon, Opialum, Pantopon, Papaveratum, Sompon.

Omnopon solutions contain in 1 ml of a 1% solution (and, accordingly, in 1 ml of a 2% solution): morphine hydrochloride 6.7 mg (13.4 mg), narcotine 2.7 mg (5.4 mg), papaverine hydrochloride 0.36 mg (0.72 mg), codeine 0.72 mg (1, 44 mg), tebain 0.05 mg (0.1 mg); pH of solutions 2, 5 - 3, 5.

Indications are the same as for morphine. Assign inside or under the skin. Omnopon is sometimes better tolerated than morphine, less likely to cause smooth muscle spasms. Omnopon is prescribed to adults in a dose of 0.01-0.02 g per reception; 1 ml of a 1% or 2% solution is administered to adults under the skin. Children over 2 years of age are prescribed 0.001-0.0075 g omnopon per dose, depending on age.

Highest doses for adults (inside or under the skin): single 0.03 g, daily 0.1 g.

When using omnopon, addiction and pain addiction may develop. Contraindications are the same as for morphine.

Method of release: powder; 1% and 2% solutions in ampoules of 1 ml.

Storage: List A. In a well-closed container that protects from the action of light; ampoules - in a dark place. In compliance with the rules of storage of narcotic substances.