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Description of the drug: Kurosurf (Curosurf)

KUROSURF (Curosurf).

A surfactant containing a phospholipid fraction (alpha poratant) and low molecular weight hydrophobic proteins (about 1%) isolated from pig lungs.

Assign with respiratory distress syndrome associated with a deficiency of surfactant in newborns (premature) children (with a body weight of not less than 700 g). The use of the drug is designed to restore adequate breathing (oxygenation).

Intratracheal in the form of instillation of 2.5 ml of suspension per 1 kg of body weight. Then, using a breathing bag, manually ventilate the lungs for 1-2 minutes.

For the selective distribution of the drug, you can enter into each lung 1.25 ml / kg of surfactant 2 times with an interval of 1 min, turning the child in the appropriate direction and after each injection, carry out manual ventilation.

Repeated instillations (if required) are carried out at intervals of at least 12 hours (up to 4 instillations in total).

The use of the drug is allowed only in clinical conditions (given the need for artificial ventilation and monitoring).

Product form: 8% suspension in vials of 1.5 and 3 ml (in 1 ml of 0.08 g (80 mg) of phospholipids).

Storage: at temperature from +2 to +8 ° С.