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Description of the medicine: Biostim

BIOSTIM (Biostim).

Extract of purified glycoproteins extracted from Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Activates phagocytosis, cellular and humoral immunity (stimulates polynucleic cells, macrophages, B-lymphocytes, production of immunoglobulin G, interleukin-1 and colony-stimulating factor, proliferative activity of T-lymphocytes, bactericidal activity of monocytes).

Applied for the prevention of chronic recurrent infections of the respiratory system.

Assign inside at first 2 capsules per day for 8 days, then take a break for 3 weeks, then spend 2 courses of 1 capsule for 8 days with a 3-week break.

Dyspeptic disorders, headache, itchy skin are possible.

The drug is contraindicated in autoimmune diseases.

Form release: capsules of 0.001 g (1 mg) (N. 8).