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Description of the medicine: Crotamiton (Crotamiton)

Crotamiton (Crotamiton).


Synonym: Eurax, Eurax.

Colorless or yellowish oily liquid with a faint odor.

When rubbed into the skin, itch mite accumulates in the body and causes its death. It has an antipruritic effect.

It is used in the form of a cream or lotion as an anti-scab. Rubbed into the skin (from the chin to the toes) after the water procedure. After 24 hours, rubbing is repeated. The next day, change clothes and bedding. 48 hours after repeated rubbing, a hygiene bath is taken.

The drug is contraindicated in children under the age of 12 years, with inflammatory skin diseases. It should not be applied to bleeding and wetting areas of the skin. The drug should not get on the mucous membranes and in the eyes.

Crotamiton may cause skin irritation. With increased sensitivity, the use of the drug is stopped.

Method of release: 10% cream in tubes of 60 g; 10% lotion in 60 ml vials.