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Description of the medicine: Roferon A (Roferon A)

Roferon A (Roferon A).

Recombinant α-2a-interferon synthesized in Escherichia coli culture.

According to the action and indications for use, it is close to reaferon.

Assign intramuscularly and subcutaneously.

With hairy cell leukemia, 3,000,000 IU is administered per day for 16-24 weeks; a maintenance dose of 3,000,000 IU 3 times a week.

With T-cell lymphoma, 3,000,000 IU are prescribed in the first 3 days, 9,000,000 IU in the 4th-6th days, and 18,000,000 IU in the 7th-84th days; maintenance dose up to 18,000,000 IU 3 times a week.

With Kaposi's sarcoma in case of HIV infection, 3,000,000 IU are administered in the first 3 days, in 4-
6th days - 9,000,000 IU each, on the 7th-9th - 18,000,000 IU each; with good tolerance in the subsequent (up to the 84th day) dose increase to 36,000,000 IU; maintenance dose - not more than 36,000,000 IU 3 times a week.

For kidney cancer, 18,000,000 to 36,000,000 IU are used per day for 84 days.

When melanoma is prescribed, 18,000,000 IU 3 times a week for 8-12 months.

In chronic myelogenous leukemia, 3,000,000 IU are administered on the first 3 days, 6,000,000 IU on the 4th and 6th days, and 9,000,000 IU on the 7th and 84th days.

In chronic active hepatitis B, 4,500,000 IU are used 3 times a week for 6 months.

In chronic hepatitis C, 6,000,000 IU is prescribed 3 times a week for 3 months, then 3,000,000 IU for another 3-9 months.

In case of meolomic disease, 3,000,000 IU is administered 3 times a week, increasing the weekly dose to the maximum tolerated (9,000,000 - 18,000,000 IU).

Possible side effects: “flu-like” syndrome, blurred vision, swelling, dizziness.

Contraindications: history of severe cardiovascular disease, severe hematopoiesis, liver and kidney function, central nervous system diseases.

Release form: lyophilized powder for injection solutions in bottles of 3,000,000, 4,500,000, 6,000,000, 9,000,000 and 18,000,000 IU and in syringe tubes of 3,000,000, 4,500,000, 6,000,000 and 9 000 000 IU.

Storage: List B.