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Description of the medicine: Dexpanthenol (Dexpanthenol)

Dexpanthenol (Dexpanthenol).

(+) 2,4-Dioxy-N- (3-hydroxypropyl) -3,3-dimethylbutyramide.

Synonyms: Bepanten, Korneregel, Panthenol, Bepanthen, Bepantol, Corneregel, Pantenyl, Pantevit, Panthenol, Pantonyl, etc.

A synthetic derivative of pantothenic acid.

In the body it turns into pantothenic acid.

Indications for use are basically the same as calcium pantothenate (wounds, burns, trophic ulcers, dermatitis, dermatoses, radiation injuries of the skin, intestinal atony, paralytic ileus). They also use (Korneregel) for radiation, thermal and chemical burns of the conjunctiva and cornea, injuries of the anterior part of the eye, erosive and dystrophic keratitis.

Apply the place, inside and parenterally.

Irrigate (with aerosol) the affected area of ​​the skin or mucous membrane 3-4 times a day.

Eye gel is placed over the eyelids of 0.5-1 cm 3-6 times a day.

Inside, it is prescribed in the form of tablets (kept in the mouth until completely absorbed) at 0.1-0.5 g per day.

For the prevention of postoperative atony, 4 ml of a 25% solution is used subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously during the operation; in the early postoperative period; for therapeutic purposes, it is administered in the same dose every 6 hours; with paralytic ileus, 2 ml are administered parenterally at first with an interval of 2 hours, then at 6 hours.

May cause dyspepsia and allergic reactions.

PRODUCTION FORMS: tablets of 0.1 g; 25% solution for injection in ampoules of 2 ml; spray can; 5% ointment for cream in tubes of 30 g; 2.5% lotion in bottles of 200 and 400 ml; 5% eye gel in tubes of 5 and 10 g.