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Medication Description: Clometiazole (Clometiazole)

Clometiazole (Clometiazole).

Is ethanedisulfonate chlormethiazole, i.e. 5- (2-chloroethyl) -4-methylthiazole ethanedisulfonate.

Synonyms: Geminevrin, Heminevrin, Geminineur, Chlomethiazole, Chlormethiazole, Clometiazole, Clomiazine, Distraneurin, Distrapax, Hemineurine, Hemineurin, Heminevrin, Somneurin, Somnevrin.

According to the chemical structure, it can be considered as part of the thiamine molecule (vitamin B1), but it does not possess vitamin properties, but has a sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant effect.

Applied with sleep disorders, status epilepticus, eclampsia and pre-eclampsic conditions, in conditions of acute arousal, as well as for pain relief of childbirth. It is an effective treatment for withdrawal symptoms in alcoholism.

Assign inside and intravenously. When ingested in the form of capsules absorbed faster and more active than when taken in pill form.

As a hypnotic, 2-4 capsules (or tablets) are prescribed at bedtime (or in two doses), and sedatives are administered 1 to 2 capsules (tablets) per day (before meals).

In case of epileptic status and delirium, 40-100 ml of 0.8% solution is injected intravenously for 3-5 minutes or 60-150 drops per minute when sleep falls, then they slow down the infusion, maintaining superficial sleep. In total, 500-1000 ml are administered over a period of 6-12 hours. Then you can go to the reception of the drug inside.

In acute abstinence syndrome, 2 - 4 capsules are prescribed, and if necessary, after another half an hour, another 2 capsules before sedation and sleep.

Also used to relieve withdrawal symptoms, 3 capsules per day for 2 days, then 2 capsules per day for another 3 days and 1 capsule per day for 4 days. The course usually lasts 9 days.

To relieve childbirth give 2-3 capsules, if necessary - another 2 - 3 capsules in 3 hours (no more than 7 capsules in total).

When eclampsia is injected intravenously 30 - 50 ml of 0.8% solution - 60 drops per minute, after the onset of drowsiness, the dose is reduced to 15 - 10 drops per minute.

With acute manic stimulation, 40 - 80 ml of 0.8% solution is injected.

Intravenous administration of hemineurin can cause local phlebitis. The drug is administered intravenously slowly. Consideration should be given to the possibility of respiratory depression, the development of hypotension and collapse. When ingestion possible dyspeptic symptoms.

In patients with alcoholism, hemi-neurin can cause psychological dependence. Therefore, the drug is used no more than 6 - 7 days, it is prescribed in minimal doses, giving a therapeutic effect.

Method of production: capsules containing 192 mg of chlormethiazole base in peanut oil, which corresponds to 500 mg of hemineurin; 500 mg heminyarin tablets; 0.8% solution in bottles of 100 m 500 ml.