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Description of the medicine: Blehlen leaves (Folia Hyoscyami)

WHITE LEAVES (Folia Hyoscyami).

Collected during the summer and dried basal and stem leaves of a wild-growing and cultivated two-year-old herbaceous plant, black bleached (Nuoscyamus niger), fam. nightshade (Solanaceae). It contains at least 0.05% of the alkaloids of the atropine group (hyoscyamine, scopolamine, etc.).

They have limited use in the form of an extract - in powders, pills and potions (0.02 - 0.05 g per reception) - as an antispasmodic and painkiller (instead of belladonna extract).

Highest doses for adults: single 0.4 g daily 1, 2 g.

Storage: List B.

The bleached oil (Oleum Hyoscyami) obtained from the leaves of bleach is used externally for rubbing with neuralgia, myositis, rheumatoid arthritis.

It is part of the capsin, saliniment, and complex methylsalicylate liniment preparations.